Thursday, 29 November 2012

Rose - Happy Scrappy Doll No.2

Rose is finished. Been a bit of a struggle as I have been very busy with lots of friends dropping in for chats or Tea, biscuits, a cuddle with Molly and lessons on making ladder yarn necklaces and napkin folding. So I've slacked a bit on the doll production.

She's very proud to model her nice new clothes.


 A smart check duffle coat with a real toggle and loop fastening and two patch pockets.

Here she is without her coat, so you can see her lace blouse, apron and skirt made with Rose & Hubble fabric - hence the name Rose!

A close up of her dear little face. Her hair is tasseled upholstery or cushion fringe. She also has a smart "gold" metal bow.

Now some pictures of the back and her knickerbockers. 

All the fabrics are vintage or repurposed, having been donated by friends, or left over from other projects. Some are purchased at auction where they have come from house clearances, some from charity shops and some from Ebay. The Ebay buys are always from those nice people who are clearing out their stash of horded goodies.

Also today I have been helping make machine knitted bobble hats for the Footsteps Mum & Toddler group. It's been a bit of a rush. we started weeks ago but these things always end up being a last minute nightmare. Hopefully we will have them all (26) finished by Tuesday.

Rose is going to visit the Hub in Chelmsford tomorrow and then will be my first doll for sale at The Chelmsford Community Pop-up Shop.

Bluebell is in a Pigeon Hole at Slack Space. 


  1. Rose is so cute. Can't wait to see no 3. Have a nice weekend......xx

  2. Thanks for sharing this one.wonderful post really helpful to us.Thanks again


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