Sunday, 12 August 2012

More Art for the Pop Up Shop

Hopefully going to drop some more work off at the Pop up Shop in Chelmsford.

Three collage and Mixed Media works on canvas on the 1930 fashion theme.

ABC of 1930's Fashion 8 x 8 narrow edge canvas

 !930's Fur & Fabric 8x8 deep edge canvas

Fashionable Small Ads. 11 1/2 x 11 1/2 deep edge canvas

And this one is a bit off the wall, on a very textured deep edge 8 x 8 canvas.

15 Adaptors - enlarge it for a better view :-)

Every item came from a different source, S Z Sakall was a Hungarian character actor 1940's - 1950's.I've used Clear Tar Gel to make a mock glass in the watch face. Why I collect this junk I don't know and where my head lives sometimes, well I really don't know either. But it's art and I had fun!!!


  1. Love. Your collage work!!!
    Welcome to IA

  2. Good luck with collage work at the pop up shop.....xx

    1. Linda you are such a good support I do really appreciate it!! XX J


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