Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Internet Problems

Hi Friends and followers, just to update you with the computer saga.

I have lost my connection with my main PC, the one that has all my programs for camera, picture editing, upload, printer, you name it that's on there. So I go to my internet provider to ask for the code, which they generate, to be reconnected and they want to charge me, £25.00. Now they generate a new code each time I log on so I have no ability to keep a record of this code. The internet service failed, which they provide and has caused this but I have to pay. Plus they have changed ownership and changed all the contracts, without telling us customers at all. Just so you know the new owner is Talk Talk, now I have nothing against them, but the service is now dreadful, phones not answered for 2 hours, kept hanging on for 1 hour just being transferred through one department after another, then the member of staff hung up on me because I had to ask him to talk more clearly and slower. I think he took this as a racial slur, when I just could not understand his accent. So I then had to start all over again.

Enough already, I am changing internet providers, well you guessed that!!! So it's going to take a month. I can use the internet on the lap top but am not able to do anything else. I was amazed the lap top worked, its not been used for 6-8 months.

So I will not be blogging for at least a month, but will look at all your blogs and check messages on here too. I will really miss you guys, getting comments and blogging. Hope to have lots of news for you all when I am back on line.

X Mad Bird


  1. Having gone through a similar thing, as you will remember Joan, I do sympathise....very much, its all so frustrating.
    Interestingly, a friend recently had an awful time with talk talk,
    but I have no experience of them myself...I think they are quite low down on the Which list

    Ellen x

    1. Hi Ellen I do remember your problems and thinking hope its not me next. Ha it was not it was Julie H but my turn now. At least I have some connection on the laptop. Also I agree with you to stop spending so much time on here I am getting loads done!!!! Hope to see your new work soon x J

  2. Man that really stinks. Yeah they can be so rude. I've not had anyone hang up on me before. But yeah, I'm sorry to hear about your Internet problems.

    I'm Sarah, I just started following, visiting for the first time. Hopefully, you'll be back soon, so I can see what this blogs all about!

    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!


    1. HI Sarah Nice to have you along. I'm going to have a quick peek at your blog . Sewing vintage fabric into cushion covers :-)) J

  3. That's just awful, Joan. So frustrating! Good luck with getting your new internet service up and running. I hope it will be sooner than they say...I'll be a bit optimistic :) We're looking forward to having you back over at Inspiration Avenue!!



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