Friday, 10 August 2012

New Collages & Finished The Commission

This week I have been working on more 1950's Fashion Collages on Mixed Media backgrounds. This is two of them framed and ready to go, as always bit of reflection from the glass. I've done about 6, some on canvas. Really enjoying these.

And some close-ups, these are better colour wise.

Then I have finished my commission so this is it framed, customer is really pleased, but has to wait for delivery as he's on holiday. Two close-ups to show how the figures are raised from the main picture. This simple little trick really give the piece some depth.

And here is Molly in her favourite sun trap. I noticed the mat has worn right through in several places, its where she sits, so she's worn out the mat just by sitting there. Also we were having a really lovely walk until Miss Queen of the Stinkies rolled in yet more FOX POO!!!


  1. Lol @ 'Miss Queen of the Stinkies'. Lovely work. :)

  2. Love all this new work Joan.....xx


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