Sunday, 5 August 2012

I found the Studio Floor!!!

Yes its true I have a floor in my studio, its been covered with junk, paper and general art mess for ages. I have cleaned up.

 :-D I'm a messy painter, this is lino so no matter I just have to leave the studio shoes in the studio or I walk wet prints everywhere.

More pictures of the studio as you can see its a hotch potch of old bedroom chests of drawers, mixed shelving and various boxes. I have a good tool kit, Dremel, Hitachi battery drill, Bosch Hammer drill, two glue guns, Paint stripper heat gun, craft heat tool and hair dryer. I think I was a boy in a former life, but I was brought up mostly by my Dad so guess that explains my boys toys fetish.

My work bench with the roll of lining paper Julie found in the thrift shop.

Pictures drying hang on metal meat hooks from the curtain pole. And I have a lot of brushes as I mangle them frequently.

Flip, Flap and Flop have done some house decorating. Julie made them an Alice in Wonderland Theatre. Today they hung curtains and tie backs and celebrated with a Mad Teddies Tea Party.

Look they are waving, they would love to see you over for tea some day.

Lastly I have to own up to a large heap of boxes of paper and various frames and boxes for art. These have been lurking under my king size bed. I cleaned the bedroom too!!! The boxes are destined for the shed but the paper and books have to stay indoors. They get ruined by the damp.

Welcome to my newest member Lou Ann a contact from Etsy nice to have you on board. Hopefully more exciting news coming from her soon.


  1. Looks like you have been having fun cleaning up you studio. Love you teddy bears tea party......xx

  2. Didn't recognize the place, have you moved??

    Looks amazing Joan, I am expecting great things..

    I don't know about you but having a tidy up helps clear my

  3. Lovely photos Joan - glad you have found the studio floor !!! all the 'boy's toy's ' sound exciting !! and love the paint brush photo looking out your window . x

  4. Hello my fellow gang members!! Thanks for your comments and friendship I really do appreciate you guys.

    Yes it has made me feel much better being in a tidy home - its all clean and tidy now - says she fainting.

    Its also made me realise how awfully ill I have felt for the last two or three months. How is it that illness creeps up on you like this. Anyway better now.

    Are you all up for coming over to play? xJ

  5. I do love studio shots...and I do love that floor of yours too!


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