Sunday, 29 September 2013

On the Workbench and Very Little Room in the Lounge

Well super news the class in Chelmsford has been so successful we are to continue for another 4 weeks, but moving to Tuesdays.

There is a lot of vintage fabric in my stash. So Little Jumping Joan and her sidekick Molly have chosen some for their next series of pictures.

Molly is in a mischievous mood! Look how high she has made Little Jumping Joan leap!

A little pile waiting to be stitched. The fabric is 1960/1970's and was either cut out or half way made into dresses. It came from my friend Val who was the failed seamstress.

Frames and unsold works. The suitcase is my stock of ribbons and trims.

More suitcases, packed for classes or fairs. Wicker drawers are full of vintage and modern buttons. Yet more frames.

When the mounts turn up, hopefully Monday, I have a lot of framing to do.

Who me?

Little Molly chew,chew, chew.

Both caught with fabric scraps, stolen from the workroom.

Now I'm over to Handmade Monday to see everyone's blogs!


  1. I remember dress fabrics just like that :)
    Its not just the designs, but the colour combinations that bring back the memories - lots of oranges,browns and purples in our house!
    Loving following Little Jumping Joan

  2. Nice floral fabrics - reminds me of my teenage bedroom d├ęcor in the 70s!

  3. Well done with your successful workshops :)

  4. I love your series of Molly and Joan. They are really unique and full of character.

  5. That's very good news about the classes - well done. Looking forward to seeing Molly and Joan's next adventures. Hope you have a good week.

  6. What naughty dogs! They are so cute I bet you can't be cross with them for long.

  7. I love the adventures of Joan in Blogland :)
    I have a similar pile of frames in the corner of my room too :)

    Jan x

  8. im liking the vintage material, i like to use vintage floral on my cards

  9. Cheeky doggies! I remember my mum using a fabric like that. I always love to hear what Joan is up to.

  10. I love that vintage material, really reminds me of being young!

  11. Glad the classes have been a success, you deserve it after all your hard work.
    Love the adventures that molly and little jumping joan get up to....xx

  12. oooh those fabrics are gorgeous! The perfect backdrop for more characterful jumping Joan creations :)

    your doggies look so naughty with their stolen scraps! :)

  13. I love your little characters. Mixing them with vintage fabrics creates something really special x

  14. Naughty little doggies !!!! Their faces are so full of innocence... xx

  15. Sounds like you're going to be busy


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