Thursday, 26 September 2013

Charity Shop FInds

Dragged myself over to the BANK urgh I hate dealing with finances. Anyway it went OK and I have stopped the evil meanies who set up an unauthorized Direct Debit on my account.

Then to reward self, a trip to one or two maybe three charity shops. Poor Molly had to wait in the car - not allowed in shops - and I don't like leaving her outside in case she gets removed.

Third shop.......................

Missing a handle, but did I care ? No not me.

Uncut, unused 1966 ensemble pattern - size 18, but equal to our modern size 14/16

This is just the sort of thing I was making in bright green and grey check fabric in 1969!

A darling doll outfit. Used but folded neatly everything is there even the tiny panties.

And here they are inside the mustard case and surprise a red lining. I'm a happy girl.


  1. that case is so kool! really! i love the shape of it.

    will you use the patterns for sewing? or other art-sy stuff?
    you reminded me that i need to go to my thrift store (charity shop) and buy more patterns, i am completely out. (but i don't sew)

    1. I agree about the case! These patterns are too precious to use for art, I do use them in my art love the lines on them.

  2. Oh such joy to find that one! or two! or maybe three! charity shop finds......xx


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