Tuesday, 10 September 2013

ACEO Collages

A few weeks ago Julia and her friend, from Wales, Bonnie came round to play art all day. We stopped for a pub lunch!

After they had gone I got inspired by the materials we had been working with and created some ACEO - Art Cards Editions and Originals - just in case you did not know. Also known as Artists Trading Cards. I finished framing 6 of them today.

 Strips of scrapbook paper
 Citra Solv altered National Geographic paper
 Stazon Copper pad rubbed on the edges

 Stamped with Stazon Black and decorative stamp
Flowers from a paper napkin.

Edwardian images from an old magazine book. Brer Rabbit from a 1950's Annual. Victorian newspaper small adverts. I used one layer of three ply paper napkins. A favourite of mine as the napkin is so thin you can see the layer below. All finished with Liquitex glazing medium, laid on quite thick. The backing is old quiz cards.

Framed in Ikea Riba frames, I have recessed the art works and mounted them on black sketching paper.

I did a production line of 40 and it used up lots of oddments of collage materials.


  1. Amazing Joan !!! Well done can't wait to see them !!! x

  2. How very, very original!!! Love them all......xx

  3. These are really wonderful and have inspired me to do some "production lines" in a similar fashion. I've got a craft show coming up and I need to build inventory! Thank you for giving me a way to do that!

  4. omg i love these! what a ton of inspiration here and i didn't know that about trading cards!! x


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