Sunday, 8 September 2013

Molly Hijacks Mad Birds Blog

Hello Humans I'm Molly, Mad Bird is my significant Human, she been a bit busy this week so I'm doing a guest blog.

This week we have visited Serena, I sit in the sunny garden whilst the Humans chat. Thursday was best clothes for Humans and I went to stay with my greyhound friend Shifty. He's huge I can stand under his tummy and he runs so fast, but can't do corners.

I've had my darling friend Little Molly round to play. She lives over the road and is ace as ESCAPING!!!

We play chase me.

And chase you.

Nearly got you!
 Got you goes onto................
 nearly there.......................
 Yes!!! Pretend Death Throat Lock. My human yells at me for this one as she thinks I'm too rough.

 Then it gets to the final game - Aren't you dead yet???

Don't worry no dog was harmed in the filming of this episode. No matter how rough and tumble Little Molly comes back for more that's why I love her so much.

Then this weekend my Human volunteered at Cuckoo Farm Studios who have an Open Studio Weekender. We got to sit in the sun, I did meet and greet, my Human waved her arms about a lot and the guests did lots of driving back and forward into tiny spaces in their car things. I met Little Elvis the Bishon Friese and another Jack Russell type. We were back again today, but got rained off.

Here we are in the sun.
Now its only 8.30 and we have to go to bed as my Human is exhausted having done too much!

XO Molly


  1. Looks like you've had lots of fun with your playmate xx

  2. Chase is such a good game to play!

  3. Such a happy little soul you are Molly!! Just like your mum......
    What is it with shadows ? Everyone seems to be doing shadows.......xx


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