Friday, 2 August 2013

Chelmsford Community Pop-Up Shop Move August 2013

Molly and I took a day out to visit the new Chelmsford Community Pop-up Shop. Where we found Cherry and a hard working gang of volunteers still trying to sort everything out.

This Community Pop-up shop has been running for over a year now.  It's fab because it helps a charity Getting Around and promotes local artists. High Chelmer Shopping Centre have provided an empty shop, however, this does mean that the Pop-up shop has to move when the shop we are using is let.
It was obvious that this has been a mammoth task, fitting a triple size shop stock into a mini size new shop. Plus they have now also got a Vintage shop as well. Pictures of this next time I visit. So I have to say a huge thank you to all those that completed or helped with the move.

Look at all the wonderful craft items on offer.

Very Beady Beads to wear.

Beautiful scents to pamper you

Flower power posies

Pretty cushions and toys for big softies

Mannequin central and Cherry lovlies

Deck the hall with loads of bunting

Vamped shoes

Time goes around and around
The shop window, right on Market Road - opposite the library
There are a lot of lovely paintings on sale as well. I hope you can pop in to the Pop-up and say hello.

Molly was a really good girl so she went for a good romp on Galleywood Common. Whilst there we checked out the Heritage Centre and found a photo of my old home - once the Admiral Rous pub mentioned in the linked article. It was taken around 1930.

When we owned this property in the 1960's we also had a tea rooms, serving sandwiches and cakes all made by Mum or me. With sweets and ice creams. We also had a huge orchard, a real Victorian greenhouse, 500 chickens and thousands of daffodils. Now it is a posh des res possibly worth £1/2 million. Since the A12 access was put in property prices have shot up in Galleywood.


  1. Thanks for blog post and popping by - Always a Delight to see you xx

  2. What fun to take me out and about with you as you inspect the new shop, and see a photo of your old home and tearoom. I thought those shoes were fun.

    I love your book cover collages. They are not just well done, but show your clever use of vintage goodies, as well as your humor.

    I actually stopped by to thank you for cluing me in to why my painted wood didn't crackle properly. It makes me feel so much better!!

    1. Glad I was of help and thanks for stopping by.

  3. What a fantastic place to shop, I can imagine spending hours getting lost in there having a good look at everything. Thanks for sharing

  4. I love the photo of your old home. The pop up shop looks like lots of hard work but fun too.

    Jan x

  5. What a lot of goodies. The shoes are a good idea - might have to give that a go sometime. :)

  6. Ohhh I could spend hours browsing in the pop-up shop!! Lovely pic of your old home :-) Simmi x

  7. Really interesting post. Thank you for the tip over on my blog. x


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