Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Vintage Book Covers and Collage

Finished another Multi Layered Collage.

Salute to the Seaside

A small series of old book covers with a little collage added to make a new story.
 Duckworth watching Hillare Compose Poems
Duckworth was the publishers name and Hillare Belloc wrote the poems. The little pixie writing was just the right thing. 

Hovis is Good for You

The marbled book paper looked like a close up of bread, well to me it did! Hovis adverts always had a family or children in them.

Towering Wonders?

The Wembley Tower was a bit of a failure as it was demolished after a few years.

On the Tewksbury Road

The poem is called Tewksbury Road and was in the book of poetry. So I found another really great picture to go with that theme. The map has the town of Tewksbury on it.

These are great fun as I have to spend my time reading children's books and poetry.


  1. I love these Joan - especially the two where you have used Mabel Lucie Attwell images!

  2. More amazing art works....xx

  3. these are terrific, Joan!
    what is the substrate you are putting the book covers on? canvas?

    1. Hi Rebecca I used some old mount board. The card you put round a picture before framing. It was a really awful salmon pink colour and they had the picture hole cut out as well. Covered with London Illustrated News or Fashion Magazine pages from 1850-1890.

      I plan to mount them in a bigger box frame like these http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/catalog/products/00078032/

      That way they should frame out looking a bit like a museum exhibit.

      Thanks for liking and I wish we lived nearer we could both have fun visiting!

  4. These are so wonderful Joan. Glad to see the old computer is back up and running.. Hope all is well..xxx

    1. Thank you Julie, still on the ancient lap top :-)


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