Saturday, 31 August 2013

Envelopes with a Former Life

At the Boreham, near Chelmsford Boot Fair recently, I was lucky to meet a nice gentleman who was selling his Aunt and Uncles possessions. Amonst the items were stacks of envelopes. Auntie and Uncle had died close together, having never been parted since meeting. The high cost of two funerals necessitated the sale. So sad.

He told me the story.

Just after the 2nd World War in 1947, his Uncle got his call up to do National Service. He was posted to the Navy and served on HMS Ajax. They were engaged but not yet married and pledged to write every day and they did. There were the envelopes in date order for two whole years. It was very moving to think these letters had been kept all this time. Thankfully the gentleman had kept the letters and was just selling the envelopes.

I now own some of them and am using them in my art. This story will accompany each item I make so that their memory and story will be preserved.

This is a piece to celebrate me! Cherry and Linda have envelopes as well with their birthdays on the date stamp. They will be making some art with their envelopes.

We could not find my exact date so this is "My Nearly Birthday Letter".

Here I am modelling one of my many hats.
My birthday is 4th June - note to readers I accept presents and cards, thank you.

An interesting over stamp advertising Britain to French Tourists.

Homage to Viv of Hen's Teeth whose wonderful work inspired this piece.


  1. How sad to split up the letters from their envelopes, but happy they have been put to good use. Love the way you have interpreted your birth date. Looks like i will have to put my artists hat on to do mine now......xx

  2. Wonderful find and you are breathing new life into the envelopes. You work is always amazing

    Love Chrissie x


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