Saturday, 31 August 2013

Nine Patch for Fab Cycling

Working on more stamped and free motion embroidered pieces for the course Fab Cycling at The Hub, Chelmsford in September.

Showing you don't have to embroider everything. Sometimes less is more.

Mixing in machine embroidery with vintage hand pulled thread embroidery.

Free motion embroidery around white on white vintage hand embroidery.

The finished cushion. Inspired by the wonderful woven silk from Stephen Wallters . My friend Julia kindly gave me a bag of offcuts. How lovely a friend is that!

The secret to making a multi-facted design like this work is to tie the design together. Here it is the use of threads to do the "New Embroidery". The colour choice for these threads blends in very well.

I hope this inspires YOU!


  1. Great embroidery!! you clever thing...xx

  2. Wonderful ideas and beautiful embroidery

    Love Chrissie x

  3. Fab! The Roses 'fabric' would be a good for a cushion cover on it's own, get stamping and embroidering sweet Joan.x

    How about selling small pieces on Etsy, of your own stamped fabrics, perhaps using natural dyed fabric, you have the whole hedgerow to use as dye material. Just a thought.x


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