Thursday, 6 June 2013

Flowers for my Birthday

Well I've managed to reach a milestone birthday. Woke up breathing so all is well with the world.

The sun was out so I spent some time taking pictures of my garden flowers.

Aquilegias and forget-me-nots seed themselves everywhere.

Huge dark red poppies grown from seed.

All the plants fight for space.

The sun behind these poppies gives a painterly effect.

A climbing rose hiding in the delphiniums. Last autumn I laid all the long growth on this one, Golden Showers, down to the bottom of the fence. Lots of buds with big healthy flowers this year. Its put on lots more tall growth so I will do the same again. Tip I picked up on one of the garden programs.

The blue and yellow irises have been wonderful this year.

Potentillia, possibly.  All the plants I grow are non fancy varieties, ones that I know will come up every year. Most are still behind, but there is good growth and lots of flowers coming.

Then we walked to the bluebell wood, still a few late ones in flower. 

What a fantastic gnarled tree!

Sweet wild flowers.

Now obsessed with this tree.

Went to lunch with my Granddaughter.

One of her pictures edited in Photoshop.

It was a great day, friends came round and called, loads of FB messages and I had presents and cards.

Now back to reality, sewing machine in the menders and I've picked up a virus!


  1. Wonderful collection of photographs--thank you for sharing those with us.

    Hope you soon feel better.

    Love Chrissie xx

    1. Felling much better today thanks x J

  2. gorgeous flowers (iris are my favorites).

  3. Happy Birthday Joan glad you had a lovely day.. Love photos of the flowers in your garden. See you soon Linda ....xx


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