Friday, 14 June 2013

Apple Applique

This was the last lesson that we did at the weekly sewing class.

Simple Apple Applique. Big scary step for all my beginner sewing ladies - Free Style Machine Embroidery.

An Apple

A day


The Doctor


These were my samples, using a variety of apple coloured fabrics. Top three are finished, bottom three need their little stalks. I love the one that shows the inside. Next time I might try an apple core as well. This will be a cushion front.

The lovely pattern is from Bustle & Sew here you will find sewing, embroidery and more free patterns from the lovely Helen. Please do pop along and have a look, you will be amazed.

Pleased to say all my ladies stitched their own apples. Julia brought along a vintage Singer 15 hand sewing machine and we discovered that you can even do machine embroidery with that!

Now off to collect art that has been in various exhibitions, my lounge was just beginning to clear as well.


  1. Hi Joan. I loved making these apples. So sad now the class has finished, but look forward to it starting up again. Thank you for all your help and inspiring ideas. With love. Julia

  2. very sweet apples x love the photos

  3. Your apples are adorable. I've not yet tried free motion stitching, although I often allow my stitches to ramble along. Yours are so much fun and I like how you made them. I was expecting a worm to come out of the one at the bottom!

    BTW, thanks for your visit, too.

  4. I love the one that shows the inside too - I must learn how to do machine embroidery!

  5. Lovely samples, the one showing the inside is so clever!

  6. What lovely looking apples. It will make a great cushion cover.
    p.s. here's a cottage had 2 red doors!!

  7. These look really great - especially for first timers!

  8. The apples look lovely - and makes machine embroidery look less scary than I think it might be.

  9. What a cute pattern. Maybe I should put down my knitting needles and open up my sewing machine!

  10. Oh i wish i had a sewing mind like you. Those appliqué apples are amazing.
    My little granddaughters love their diva dolls. They have called them Molly and Polly and have taken pride of place in their bedrooms....xx

  11. Ahhhh love the apples :-) Glad your ladies all managed it ok! Simmi x


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