Sunday, 30 June 2013

Molly has a New Pal on the block

Well there is now a little Molly on our block! Yes the neighbours have called their new Jack Russel puppy Molly. So now when I call two dogs come running.

Little Molly popped over yesterday.

  Big Molly and I came out of the gate real early for our walk and there was Lillte Molly. So we could not leave her so she came for a walk with us. I was a bit worried she might run off, but Big Molly kept her up to speed on the "come back when Mummy calls" thing. So I just wolf whistled and back they came. Amazing!

Here they are still running around after an hour! I am exhausted just looking at this. Big Molly is now 11 how on earth she kept up I don't know. I only managed to get them in frame on these two shots. They whizzed around so fast by the time I had snapped and the camera worked they were off somewhere else.

On the arty front, lots of background stuff going on here. I'm still clearing the barn, setting up messy art studio in the garage, emptying and re-vamping my small bedroom studio, turning the greenhouse into a sun lounge for the cloudy and wet days, weeding and mowing in the garden. Even sorting quite a lot of stuff for resale or dump. Working on making some fabulous paper for use in a new project. Oh and I got the camera to talk to the laptop, but only a very basic photo program.

It does you good to have a complete clear out. My brain was frazzled by so much so this is great therapy.

Now I have to go mend the lap top, the letter J has just up and flown across the table. Please pray the lap top does not break.

Love you all. 
x Joan and Molly.


  1. Great action shots....
    Looks like big molly and little molly are having lots of fun. My ruby could do with a playmate like that...xx

  2. Molly looks like she has a lot of character! Bet the are great friends and love going on walks together. Great Little Molly came back when you whistled, hopefully she will learn how to do things from B.Molly.


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