Thursday, 30 May 2013

Make & Do & Mend and Bag Wars

Week three of the Make & Do & Mend class, better attendance this week, six sewers and Mollie. Seems all enjoyed it as I have had messages from three  - We loved it - Really proud of myself making a sample curtain - Loved what you showed us.

So I'm really pleased with that and the non-sewer has now borrowed her Mum's machine. I think she's converted.

Cherry working on a Nine Patch cushion. Gilli caught mid biscuit, she had not had her tea!

Julia working on her sample curtain.

Maureen and Linda working hard.
We have a lovely room with its own kitchen and good lighting.

Now the bag wars. I've made this pattern before, its quite easy. 

Just a lined child's bag with interfacing, lined with pretty fabric, pocket and thin wadding.

Reinforced the handles with decorative stitching.

So how is it that I managed to sew one side with the pattern upside down?
The padded handles made to look so easy in the book would not work for me.

The iron on interfacing got put sticky side down on the ironing board and stuck fast. Arrrrgh!!!!

After several unpicks, gallons of coffee, a large contribution to the swear box and many prayers for help, I finished it.

Note to self "Do not try to sew when you are tired"


  1. Lovely evening Joan....I really enjoyed making my nine patch patchwork....xx

  2. Did'nt see you taking those photos - xx

  3. ha!!! I can SO relate to your frustration when things muck up. :-) Congrats on what looks like a FAB class! Your bag is adorable, too.

  4. It is so annoying when things go wrong like that. However, I try to tell myself that it is deliberate so that I can try something different :0) Hope you have a good week.

  5. Oh dear. Well done for persevering. I always hope that once I have made a mistake once I won't do it again!! I hope that is the same for you :)

  6. Your bag is really pretty.


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