Monday, 27 May 2013

Cushions and a Visit to Colchester Firstsite

Oh I do so love a nice visit from friends, especially when they are picking up cushions that I made and they loved them too.

Mary has this lovely red check as the upholstery on her sofa. Lucky for me I had two matching fabrics in the super stash. Primped it up with some machine embroidery.

Close up detail, note to self try to get plain fabrics as checks and stripes are a pain to get straight seams on Every wibble wobble shows!

Back detail showing marking out the button holes ready for stitching.

The second cushion was designed around the fab ceramic buttons made by Miss Annabell Dee Gallery and Studio
So we matched them with denim and toile du jouy, a bit of vintage crochet and a label from the jeans saying Urban Spirit. Can't wait to see what they look like on the sofa. Just got two more to make which I will post off soon.

Here we are on the patio of Musa restaurant at firstsite food was yummy. Mary on the left me in pink and David coping well with all that female art chit chat.

This is the exterior of the building. It went sky rocketing out of control budget wise. You can see more on it here

We weren't too impressed with the current exhibitions, sadly none of us connected with the art.

Both the above by Sophie Von Hellermann.

The best was the Edward Bawden water colours. No photos allowed in that bit of the exhibition.

Cleaning the pantry, look who's moved in. All those children and - no noise!

Lovely Bank Holiday Monday.


  1. Lovely cushions - Great to know what your up too - Love the spider picture !!!x

  2. Lovely post... I hope you didn't get one of your dizzy spells at First Site......xx

  3. hi Joan.
    enjoyed seeing your latest creations. lovely.
    and i googled FirstSite. what an exciting addition for the arts.
    i read some reviews and it sounds like the towns people are a bit divided about it, but i think in time it has the potential to be a world class visual arts facility.
    i wish i lived closer.

    to your question about how i attached the book to the mannequin. yes, the book is attached to the wood platform with 4 small nuts and bolts inside the book. the head is attached with a long screw that goes through the wood and the book into a wooden dowel in the mannequin's neck.
    i covered the bottom of the wood platform to hide the screw heads with a page from the book.
    thanks for stopping by.
    til next time.


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