Friday, 24 May 2013

A Tin Full of Granddaughter.

Bit of a gap in blog posts. Between making, making and more making, then boot fairs with my granddaughter I've been a bit busy. Oh and then there was the new group I've started Make & Do & Mend and I've had a brush up on the nails and hair front too. By some miracle I've also managed to fit in walking Molly and eating.

Me and Leia my granddaughter, nearly 60 and nearly 18. My excuse for looking so startled, well it was 5.00 am, who ever looks their best then?

Leia has been working on a very large 30 x 24 collage, which will be painted and further collage. It was one of my yet to be finished canvases, shes pinched it.

A flash hail stone shower gave my Oak Bonsai tree a fright. Planted by a resident squirrel, kept in the same pot for 4 years, no water or feed, outside and on a north wall. Leaves are about 1/2 size this year. 

Two of my Victorian animals awash with hail stones.

Despite the dull weather the garden is full of forget-me-nots. Every thing else is way behind.

Old and rusty, abandoned to the fate of a general auction. These old tobacco and cough sweet tins came home with me, then got re-abandoned in the shed. Then rediscovered and now having a make over. 

Sheet music with paper napkins, then images from a 1950's Mother Goose Annual. Colouring was done by the original owner, so sweet.

The little figures are raised above the background.

Backs are covered in old hymn book pages, nicely browned with age. Ric rac braid and wire for the hangers.

Added a bit of lace, crochet doily and vintage button's.

More vintage buttons.

A part completed tin front.........

...............and back.

This week at the Make & Do & Mend class we looked at a Nine Patch cushion cover made from vintage fabrics. I've done a tutorial on this in word. Just got to transfer it onto here, but yup blogger does not copy the pictures. So I get to do it all again.

Nearly completed another tutorial on lined curtains. Hopefully will get these finished soon.

Please let it warm up soon, I am being tempted to put the heating on, its impossible to sew by hand with frozen fingers!


  1. Love the photo of you and Granddaughter - x and also the tin love that and Garden looks lovely too xx Glad your having fun x

  2. What a busy bee you have been. Love those pimped up tins so original.
    Lucky granddaughter for having such a creative nan to help her with her work.
    I haven't forgotten what i owe you......xx

  3. I love those tins - just gorgeous!

  4. 5am does not exist in my world! What a great use for those tins!!

  5. WAY cute tins! I MUST do more creative stuff!


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