Monday, 12 November 2012

Vintage Inspired Cushions at the Chelmsford Community Pop-up Shop

 Well its really great that I have been allowed to put up a table and some shelves at the pop-up shop.

 It makes a lovely display for my vintage finds, the cushions and Cherry Ann Hall's Art Dolls.

 The cream shelves were bought at an auction £10 + hammer % really a good bargain as there are two sets.
They fold up so are really easy to transport.

 I've sold some china, cushions and bits and bobs. Oh and another mannequin. Only one left now, just hanging on to it for a while as it is my favourite.

 A vintage fold up wooden chair, with two different cushions made from the embroidered bits of one tablecloth. Top cushion is a corner embroidery and the bottom one is the central motif with some doilies.

Here's a wider view of the upstairs area at the pop-up shop. All the vintage clothing, art and shoes are for sale as well. Lots of super ideas for really different Christmas gifts. Oh and they now have a Cafe Corner, you just have to try the lemon drizzle cake it is fab.

This week I am working with 1950's Sandersons floral linen fabric, it's super, and that has been teamed with Lindsay Tartan. Also using a modern screen print on a taffeta fabric and high end designer woven fabric which  have both been sewn with a fab over the top tasseled braid. The braid retails at £16.99 a metre but thanks to my eagle eyes I bought a whole 25 metres for less than this. Pictures of these next week.

Hopefully this month I will be helping run another evening course at Slack Space, Vintage Peg Doll Fairies. Its free so come on over and have some fun making.


  1. Great photos Joan - noticed that you have sold the breakfast plate/saucer and cup (all in one ) and found the tea set sale too x

    1. Oh that's great to know thanks Cherry cu Friday xx J

  2. Glad you are doing well at the pop up shop. Love the china and cushion display. Very vintage, Just what people want these days. Keep up the good work......xx

  3. Pretty cushions.
    Have a sweet day!

  4. The photo's look fantastic, as are your cushions.x

    1. Thanks Julie hope u had a good break x J

  5. The cushions are lovely and looks some other great bits and bobs.
    Chelmsford Taxis


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