Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Peg Doll Angles Invade Slack Space

Tonight we had a class on making Peg Doll Angels. It was great fun and lots of Angles were made. It always amazes me how every one comes up with so many different ideas. Here they all are working away creating..

Molly curled up on my coat next to the heater. Very wise dog.

Now for the Angels Picture Parade.
An Angel made from a wool jumper that was partly unraveled.

 This one has a tiny wand & star.

 A Wedding Angel waiting for her wings.

 Ballroom dancer audition for Strictly next!

These wings are so delicate, just like gossamer.

One giant angel made with the florists foam blocks. Shes going to star on a family Christmas Tree.

Two lovely doily creations

 Twin sisters.

 This one looks like a Charleston girl to me.

Ballerina Angels.

I hope you agree I had a talented lot of Angel makers.

We had mince pies and Tea as its the last meeting before Christmas.

Next time we are going to make decorated boxes or picture frames.


  1. Thanks for a lovely evening Joan i really enjoyed making those peg angels. They are now taking pride of place hanging on my Christmas tree. Hope Molly enjoyed herself too......xx

  2. Wonderful.. Hope you all had a great time..

  3. Great Evening - lovely to Create together xx


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