Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Head Down and Working -- on Cushions!!

Tomorrow I'm going to the Chelmsford Community Pop-up Shop to take in the new cushions I've made.

Here's a sneak peek for my lovely blog followers.

A 1940's Crinoline Lady one end of a table runner with vintage doilies. Machine embroidery embellishments.

 Back of above, used vintage 1950's jacquard curtain fabric, part of a doily and a bit of embroidery. Have now sewn the buttons on.

Crinoline Lady from other end of the table runner, again used doilies. These ones had quite heavy cream tape sewn on, so machine embroidered a few of the flowers to lift it. I've tried to use similar colours to those in the original embroidery as it just ties the whole design together.

Back of the above with a bit of lace. Just spotted my deliberate mistake. The material is reversible, darn I've reversed the bottom bit. Oh well just adds to the vintage chic!!!

1937 Coronation cushion. A very special one  because you are never going to get another. Various doilies and some extra special Belgian lace, cut work hankie and crochet doilies. All hand embroidered. A couple of stubborn stains on the original embroidery material so I've machine embroidered a few flowers on to hide them.

Back of the above, fabric bought at the Chelmsford mobility shop :-), bit of left over from a patchwork project and lace to match the edging. All measure 16x16 with an 18 inch cushion inner so they are lovely and plump.

I think its really important to have well finished backs to cushions as they could end up wrong side out on your furniture. But they will still look lovely. Also the inside is lined with cream curtain lining to hide the back of the embroidery and edges are over sewn too.

Hope these fly of the shelves as I have had a big spend on more embroidery, doilies and fabric. Its been such a joy to make these. Oh and my house is a mess, thread and bits of fabric every where.


  1. They will fly, no doubt.. Love them Joan..x

  2. Those cushions are just beautifully made. You are such a clever needlewoman. See you tomorrow.....xx


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