Friday, 4 July 2014

Paint, Paint and yet more Chalk Paint.

Well with a vets' bill  and a car service bill its paint brushes at dawn and every other hour of the day. A girl has to raise funds somehow.

The chair stack is gradually getting transformed from treacle tarts to Prince and Princess thrones.
 Henrietta paint, script and leaves fabric, roses decoupage.
 Paper napkin decoupage for her.
 French Linen paint paired really well with copper leaf and this super map fabric.
 Quite a task to get your straight lines straight!
Map of the world and copper leaf for him.

Some old favourites are starring on eBay. Last of the Diva Dolls, vintage cushions and Happy Scrappy Dolls. Sad to see them go but my art always moves on at a pace. It keeps me fresh and customers really do get unique items.

Molly has been at the vets again, with a nasty bout of colitus, inflamed large bowl, yup not a happy time here. She's now on chicken and rice as a diet, eating better than me! The car has had a service and its tax time next month too. Plus time to buy winter oil whilst prices are low.

Nine chair seats on my workbench for re-upholstery. Three will be in this fab seaside themed fabric.

The other six will be in a new fabric that I am deciding on at the moment. They are very lovely chairs, with nice wide webbed upholstered seats, carved backs with what's called a fiddle back. If we are being posh they are Chippendale style Fiddle Back Dining Chairs with Wheatsheaf  carving.

Hope all you craft guru's on Handmade Harbour have had a good week.


  1. thanks for update - You are doing So Well xx

  2. The chairs (oops, sorry , , , i mean thrones) turned out beautiful. what a great eclectic dining room set these would make.
    sorry to hear about molly . . . add a picture once she is feeling better.

  3. Love the France linen chair that colour is what i what on my front door

  4. Your chairs are beautiful - I love the decoupage and the fabrics you've chosen. Hope you and molly keep well.

  5. I love all the little dolls, they are very sweet.

  6. Loving the decoupaged chairs, and the rag dolls are adorable <3
    good to keep making new things, keeps the creative juices going and make your customers wanting more ;-) x


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