Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Mannequins Rule

Seems having done several mannequins periodically they get popular again. Working on this one for a client. 
A 1920's or 1930's model was our guess as she is fairly flat chested and slim all over to suit the slim mode that was the style in those days. All mannequins are styled to suit the clothes of the day.

Tatty old cloth body cover is removed.

Revealing a paper mache surface underneath. There is some indistinct writing on it.

 Now I've covered it with Hymn Book pages this dates from 1910 - 1930's. Nice thin paper so it moulds well to the shape of the mannequin.

Now she has had two layers of napkins. Had to do the two layers as this set were very thin and too much of the music showed through.

Lots of PVA. I mop up puddles and drips as they form.

When dry you can just see the hymn music and words peeking through. 
Now she has to sit overnight to finish drying.
I am run out of PVA, Craquelure glazes and used nearly a whole pack of napkins.

Onto cutting out all of the lovely French adverts, fashion illustrations and typography.


  1. Very pretty and a good way of using the old mannequins :) very unique x

  2. Nice idea having the words appearing from behind the floral napkins.

  3. Her owner is going to be delighted with such a stylist transformation!

  4. What a figure, i don't think i have ever been that slim.. Love the final finish. Clever old you .......xx

  5. Where do you get the old mannequins?


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