Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Dying using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Today I have been covering a dressing table stool with vintage fabric. On looking at my trims box I only had cream which looked pretty naff. So.....................................  of we go on a dying adventure with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

Here's what you need, Chalk Paint in your colour, Emperor's Silk for me and your item to be dyed vintage trim off some curtain pelmet. Looks like a cotton/man made mix. .

Warm water and I put in about two tablespoons of paint to 1/3 washing up bowl of water.

Swish your mix around well with an old knife or you may get dyed hands. Check on your item. Longer its in the more dye it will take up. Well that's what I found, it took a couple of minutes for the item to wet evenly.
Rinse in warm, then cold water.

Hang out to dry, nice handy neighbours fence.

Are we liking it yet?

 Or is this one better? It will be a bit paler when it dries. If its not bright enough I will pop it back into a stronger mix.

Here's the stool with its 1950's vintage curtain material. Stool legs painted with French Linen and dark wax. They were originally white plastic, with the (Yawn) pink dralon cover.

Where do they sell third hands? It's very hard to hold fabric, stop stool from moving , squash down padding and use a staple gun. I need that third hand now.

Photo's of the finished item to be added.


  1. Wonders and Miracles xxx Well done You ! x

  2. Joan you are so inspiring. I wish i had your energy and inspiration. .....xx


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