Saturday, 14 June 2014

Slack Space New Site 13 Artists Opening Exhibition

This month I was lucky to be included in the 1st Exhibition at Slack Space's new venue. This had involved a huge amount of work done by Slack Space Volunteers and Members. Taking a former Police Station, lately Night Club and clearing all the debris to make a super art space.

These were my items on exhibit.

 My Technicolour Jacket.
 My three Assemblages.
 Theatre of Justice - now owned by my friend Cherry Ann Hall she has a blog too cherryannart
 Those Curious Victorians
 They were weird and wonderful.
 And collected all manner of things.
 Reaching Out For You. A box assemblage based on the Lost Sheep parable.
 Lots of light and places to socialise.
 Our wonderful Paula, one of the driving forces behind Slack Space and a fellow exhibitor.
And on the way back to the car I found a fab London Route Master Bus has now found a place at The Waiting Room another arty hangout in Colchester.


  1. ps: i just saw the original post for "theater of justice' and i loved it then too. xoxo

  2. oh dear . . . i just realized that my original message to you 'congratulating you and the the others ' on such a great show and show space did not go through (also, i don't remember being asked to do a word verification) any way. good luck on your show. have fun, and sell lots.
    how long will the show run?

    1. I think its on for about a month. Theatre of Justice sold to my friend ages ago. She was so pleased its in an exhibition. :-)

  3. What an interesting place - congratulations having your items on exhibit. Hope you get lots of visitors and commissions!

  4. Well done to you and everyone else involved in this venture, so much work for the arts is done by volunteers and I applaud each and every one. I love your 3 assemblages, they are so quirky :)

    Jan x

  5. Love your altered tins I have some waiting to be altered. Good luck with the exhibit :)

  6. I love your pieces, they're all so amazing, although my favourite is the technicolour coat.

  7. Wow, what an amazing space! Your work looks wonderful displayed there x

  8. How exciting to have your work on show! Congratulations! x


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