Sunday, 1 June 2014

Think Pink Shabby Chic And Back To Ebay

A very dark brown pair of carved Victorian chairs arrived to be pinked up. I did not have a suitable colour so this one is mixed by using Old White and Graphite. It gives a nice blue grey colour.  Fabric is some vintage Sanderson called Little Chelsea. Braid was some vintage trim that I had in stock.

Now I've painted the carved Prince of Wales Feathers and some of the turned bits pink! Again this is a mixed colour, Old White and Emperors Silk. Started to worry that they were looking a bit like Barbie furniture. Went ahead and did one coat of clear wax.

Next day added the dark wax and made sure I got loads into the crevasses.

That is looking better. Another day to wait then I can polish these and get on with the upholstery bit.

Well I may have found an item that Annie Sloan paint will not stick too (is that the right to or too?). Painted one coat Old White, keeping it a bit hit and miss. Left to dry, put on dark wax and most of paint came off. A bit of Grrrrrrrrr from me, now thrown in corner till I have the patience to try again.

A girl has to keep herself, so back to selling some surplus hoarding items on ebay.

 Fabulous Frister & Rossman 1959 vintage sewing machine. Would you believe it does 21 stitches and drop feed so you can do free motion embroidery. Sadly it has just stopped working, electrics are still good and the motor seems to run but no motion of the needle. So I think it is just the belt. 

It still has the original books and adverts, plus the samples stitched at the time of sale. I've so loved owning this but its time to move it on.

 Very scary bisque and composite doll, she has wonky eye sockets but her body, hands and feet are near perfect. 

 Flapper Belle in Wax over plaster. Lost her nose tip and a bit of one ear. She also has perfect hands and feet. Rare to find one of these half dolls with any of the padding that completed them and their arms and legs. 

Large lot of vintage linens, hankies and doilies. Expecting an exciting end to the bidding on this one, a lot of watchers.

Stunning Victorian Christening Over Dress in satin and silk.

Detail of the bodice, tiny pin tucks, faced seams and those tiny, tiny hand stitches. I'm in total envy of the skill these Victorians had.

Molly and I went to the seaside, by accident as I got lost because my phone sat nav went wrong! Molly got very excited. No pictures because of the phone malfunction. 

Hope you have all had productive weeks, off to Handmade Monday. xx


  1. You have a very creative mind to be able to alter old things in such fabulous ways, I wouldn't know where to start.

  2. Some lovely pretties there - I hope you do well with them. I sprayed my wall lights with Rustoleum all purpose paint - worked a treat, and then used it on the lamp (see my post last week), before a second coat of emulsion. Cheap as chips, and just as easy! Chris # 14 x

  3. I'm sure your things will get snapped up. Especially the vintage hankies and doilies.

  4. Love your chairs Joan. Amazing how the wax changes the look. I am trying to do up dark dirty 2 Victorian children's chairs to use when my grand children eat here. It's hard work sanding and cleaning! And trying to pull out rusty nails holding the fabric seats - I'm exhausted! Good luck with Ebay sales!

  5. I love the chair, its fascinating to hear how your create just the right effect with all the different processes. I hope you get good prices for your items on ebay! x

  6. Joan i love the chair!
    the grey blue with pink really sets off the colors of the fabric. and the dark wax really finishes nicely. great job!

    ps i tried to find your ebay store but was not able to. (?)

  7. Love those pimped up chairs You are so creative in everything you do. Good luck with the sewing machine.....xx

  8. I loved seeing the transformation of the chair. Really lovely design. And your collectible are great.

  9. It's looking good, the sewing machine is amazing in terms of all those stitches... Hope you do well with your ebay sales:)


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