Sunday, 28 July 2013

Multi Layered Collage Work

Here's how I start my multi layered collage pictures.

Always I have bits left over from other collages or mixed media work using paper. So I decided after the studio clear up that I have to make an effort to use these leftovers up.

I took a sheet of A2 cartridge paper, heavy texture medium, to use as the glue and the box of bits and pieces.

Here are the results.

 Victorian adverts and front header of a newspaper.

 French fashion plates, more Victorian newspapers items and sheet music.
 1950 knitting booklet and some Edwardian babies.

Here's what they might look like in a multi aperture mount. I'm going to call this series Fragments.
 Its quite fun when you get a pair of eyes peeking out of a narrow aperture as in row 2 column 1. If you are not happy with your collage just keep adding bits until you get what you want. You can buy multi aperture mounts for photographs. The ones I have were from another arty friend who could not think what to do with them.

I often paint these using acrylic paint and glazing medium. Then drag a notched piece of plastic over to make a pattern. Have a look at my previous post for examples. I also add images from children's picture books or annuals. These little characters interact with the background figures.

These examples are not finished yet I have to play around some more. That's why I love my art you get to play!

Now I'm off to Handmade Harbour to visit some other talented bloggers blogs.


  1. I love what you've done with those mounts - they look amazing!

  2. You are so clever. Waste not want not!! I really like the little snip bits you get in the frames. xx

  3. Wow, I've just looked at your completed pieces from your previous blog, and they look great. It's always nice to hear how other people start a piece of work, thank you for sharing.

  4. I really like how the collages work in the frames. Really great idea.
    Ali x

  5. As usual Joan another great original project.....xx

  6. It really doesn't look like these are 'leftover' - so great together and I'm particularly envious of the railway advertisement.

  7. Thank you all for the great comments. x Joan

  8. Love this new series of work Joan x

  9. oh I adore this layer look. Very nice.

    I am new over at Three M.

    Please have a look at my piece of Affirmation Challenge.

    Over at my blog.

    Enter Imagination id all else fails. Tee,hee


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