Thursday, 28 February 2013

Prayer Flag Course Update & More Cushions

The Prayer Flag course last night went very well. We had 26 say they were coming on Facebook, but only 5 turned up. That was just as well as we only had 3 machines to use and we would not have coped with 26 people - simply not enough room.

Fiona using my New Home My Style - 20 years old -the machine. Never give a girls age away!

Paula hand sewing ( Queen Bee of Colchester Slack Space)

Crystal -  who says she hates sewing on the machine ( she always makes something good)

This is an old Necchi Lydia machine probably 40+ years old

Retro Divas on a visit.

Dawn on the Singer Featherweight. She was making a flag for her Reiki treatment room.

The Singer and Necchi were donated by a friend of mine. They work fine and were quite easy to use. No instructions so a lot of head scratching on the threading up. We were so busy I forgot to take pictures of the finished flags!

I've made 3 more cushions, all on a lemon, lace and daisies theme. Oh and 2 cat ones.

I used one tablecloth, which was a rayon fabric, not very stable, so I could only use small pieces of it and patch them onto curtain lining. The fabric seemed to have a mind of its own and would not stay with the warp and weft straight. Had some lovely polycotton and laces that went really well. All glammed up with some machine embroidery. 18 x 18 with button fastening.

My friend Val2 - I have 3 Vals :-)) came round with  two black bin bags full of fabric and these two fronts were in one of the bags. They were under the needle quick and I did a lot of machine embroidery on them. 16 x 16 with a fruity curtain backing and button fastening. 

Apologies if the pictures are not big enough my Microsoft Picture gallery has crashed. I've uninstalled as they recommended and now it will not reinstall. Grrrrrrrrrrr more computer problems.

It was Church Home group at mine today and they caught me hoovering. There were gasps of horror and offers of support. They were so shocked I was cleaning not crafting. Oh and I had forgotten they were coming too. I'd run out of milk and only had digestives to offer them. Been a good day for me then. Try again tomorrow.


  1. Sounds like a great day and what lovely makes. :)

  2. Terrific makes-I love the idea of the tablecloth to cushion covers. Brilliant

    Love Chrissie xx

  3. Looks like i missed a good evening. Hope to feel better and come to the next one. Lovely to see you and Molly on Friday......xx


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