Thursday, 7 February 2013

Denim Retro Diva Cloth Doll

My friends do really get me and my obsession with re-use and do not waste! Gilly gave me a pair of leg off cuts from her girls jeans. In need of cheering up I set to to find some fabrics that would "Go" with the jeans.

An old acrylic wool scarf, some red polka dot fabric and also a small doily that escaped the photo shoot.

So I decided to make her in a more relaxed style, with most of the seams on the outside. That seemed to fit the worn nature of the jeans.

I've called her Dee Dee, short for Denim Diva!

Adapted the boots to be a bit more like shoes and kept half the label on the scarf. I've sewn around the scarf to stop it fraying as this is going to be for children of 3+ years and needs to be child friendly.

Little flowers at her wrists.

Two lace hankies in her pockets, which have three kisses on each.

Back view, guess who forgot to put red in the bobbin??? But I think it adds to the unfinished look.

Flowers in her hair.

Standing up so you can see how long her scarf is. The scarf is detachable.

Lovely red lips and 1960's eye liner. 

Hope you like her, I'm going to give her back to Gilly as she's helped me out a lot lately by dog sitting Molly.

I really needed cheering up today. Yesterday was a very hard day. I have been having a lot of trouble with my eyes and vision since 14th August last year. I was driving on that day and it was hot so had car windows open. Something landed in my eye. On 31st August I went to drop in Doctors at our local hospital. Nurse said "Nothing in your eye". Went to Nurse twice at my own Doctors,  over next three months, same response. But she did give me antibiotics (drops) as I had an eye infection. Two weeks ago went to Doctor and saw lady Dr. Its your age you have blepharitus, permanent condition, you are on meds and thrice daily washing of your eyes for rest of. Came away pretty unhappy. But meds and daily washing were just making my eye much worse.

Decided to get 2nd opinion at a new opticians. What an eye opener.. He found the item in my eye. He's cleaned the eye as best he could. Now I have to go to the hospital to have the rest of the metal dug out. Because its been in so long it has actually started to rust!!!! The relief at knowing I was right and not failing due to age was so much that I nearly cried.

Hopefully after tomorrow I will be back to proper eyesight.


  1. love the dolly! what great use of leftover fabrics!
    the poka-dots really finish the doll.

    sorry about the eye thing. glad you found a doctor that was able to find the metal fragment, so that more damage was avoided. glad also to learn the condition will correct itself over time. what a relief!

    1. Thanks Rebeca. It has been a bit of a trial :-)

  2. How sad that you had to suffer such a long time before it was discovered. Maybe the health service you used in the beginning was looking at their targets, just like those hospitals in Colchester and Basildon who neglected their patients and we all know what happened to them. Sorry to go on, but i feel very strongly about neglect and incompetence......xx

    1. Yes it was the hospital in Colchester. x J

  3. Sorry, but i forgot to say that your little dolly is just beautiful......xx

    1. Hi Linda you're forgiven. I am mad too!!! xx J

  4. Love the Doll !!!! x hope you got on ok at the Hosp today xx thinking of you x

  5. Good Luck with your eyesight-hope all goes well for you.

    Love this doll and the clever use of the materials.

    Best wishes Chrissie xx

  6. Love that cute doll. Hope all works out with your eyes. It is so frustrating when you can't get a good diagnosis. Good thing you kept after it. Prayer sent up from Ukraine.
    Hugs for good cheer,

  7. Thank you Chrissie, Cherry & Coleen, my three letter C ladies! Eyes are much less sore. x Joan

  8. What a sweet, sweet dolly! I just love all the little details 'n stitching.

    I sure hope your eye is healing up since you've posted this. That is so crazy the 1st doctors couldn't find a piece of METAL in your eye!! yikes! Very happy to know the piece was discovered before more damage was done.

    xo, Suzanna


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