Thursday, 14 February 2013

Busy with Retro Divas

This week I have been trying to get a stock of Retro Divas made.

A pair of 1950's girls with vintage doilies for skirts.

Lots of embroidery, done on my machine, on their hair and shoes.

This denim girl is feeling lonely as I sold her sister today. Didn't even get chance to take a picture. She's been snapped up and is now living in my friend Julia's camper van.

Nothing gets wasted, middle of the doily used as a hair decoration.

Close up of the denim diva. I've made the arms a bit longer and soft stuffed them so you can fold them.

Oh and they also now have knees, this really makes them easier to pose, but harder to stuff. You have to leave a small gap at the knee, its easy to forget and then you have to un-stuff a narrow leg!!!

Denim Diva just had to show you how nicely she can cross her legs.
I've got a new tool for stuffing the legs, a wooden chop stick. It's really good, narrow and pointy one end and wider and square at the other. It's also longer than the previous tool, a size 10 crochet hook.

I've got 6 legs and 6 arms stuffed and ready for the next 3 dolls.

Just to let you all know my eyes have responded well to the new drops. I've got into a routine with the 7 doses of drops and am getting better at putting them in my eye and not on my cheek. Tomorrow I go down to 6 doses. Now what shall I do with those few extra minutes?

Thank you all for your messages, prayers and support.


  1. They are such fun.. I think that your on to something Joan..x

    1. Oh so glad you think so. I have great fun ,
      Oh I'm so glad you think that. I have great fun making them! Well we will see how they sell in Chelmsford. They are going over there on Saturday. x J

  2. They are Amazing Joan !!!! x LOVE HOW THE POSE XXX

  3. What wonderful dolls. They must make some girls (big and little) very happy. I do so appreciate one who is handy with the sewing machine. Bless your heart.

    Coleen in Ukraine

  4. Fabulous with so much to admire on all of them

    Love Chrissie xx

  5. I hope they do well on Saturday, they are unique x Ellen x

  6. Hi,
    Just wanted to say I have the Diva doll in your photo's and another by you with red feet & hair, a fabric scrap with 34W on her tummy and your broidery anglaise label, MB.
    I found them in an auction lot and fell in love.
    They are just the best find and I was surprised to find them there.
    Thank you for making them.
    If you would like photo's I'm happy to send some,
    Best wishes,

    1. Hi Lynn Yes I put the dolls into auction as they were pining for a new home! Looks like they have found a good one. I am always at Reemans. Making the dolls was part of my art journey but now I am trading more on eBay and at my units at local antique centres. I have a facebook page as Mad Bird Designs UK and one as me Joan Glen-Martin. Pop in and make a comment. Would be lovely to see the Divas in their new home. x J


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