Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Cushions and more cushions

Up to my ears in making cushions. Recently bought some tin trunks at auction, to my surprise when we opened the one at the bottom of the stack it had some old curtain in it. These got washed and had to air outside for several days, in the sun, as they stunk of moth balls. They were made up into cushions which have sold well at the Chelmsford Community Pop-up Shop and also to my friends.

Above is a fabulous Zoffany Chintz Cotton from 1984, my friend Val found this in the Pop-up Shop. There was a very large amount of fabric for just £7.00 - a real steal. So far I have got 3 cushions in the above style and 9 of the patchwork ones below. Zoffany's 1st year of designing fabric and wallpaper was 1984. They are still in production today and make for Sandersons and other top companies.

They are not finished yet as I am waiting on braid and zips from eBay. Then I have to buy cushion inners so they are nice and plump.

Today I went to Braintree, met up with Val and we did a tour of the charity shops. I bought this wonderful Apple Green and Pale Blue 1950's set of curtains in the RSPCA shop.

Then into the Helen Rollason shop where they had a large trunk of fabrics. I bought a selection, tartan, white poly cotton, white shimmer fine fabric, floral Sanderson and a 3 metre piece of 1960's crimplene  complete with Paisley pattern. That was so popular in the late 1960's early 1970's as I remember making a blue dress trimmed with Paisley!!!

Best thing was I bumped into Julie Howe and her friend Stephanie Moss so we just had to stop for a coffee and chat.

Welcome to the new faces on the followers gallery. I'm popping over to see what you are up to on your blogs.

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  1. Love the material you have used for the cushions. Sounds like you had some fun in the charity shops......xx


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