Thursday, 11 August 2011

Thursday Ardleigh Boot Sale

Well my head was not full of good directions today. Wrong exit on the roundabout meant a 7 mile detour, doh what am I like!

Anyway it was worth it, only one decent stall and I bought.....................................

Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Souvenir tiny miniature Book only 1 x 1 inch!!!

Dance Card Note Book Victorian with original pencil.

Match case or Vesta with a striker on the base. Sadly not silver but silver plate.

That was a very good haul, we got wet too. Last three items will be on Ebay tonight. All that rusty stuff is going in my stash. 


  1. Wow! what a lovely find..... I can see a Mad Bird Design materialising and knowing you it will be greattttttttt.......xx

  2. Thanx Linda keep your chin up girlie!!!


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