Monday, 15 August 2011


Yeah I now have eight on here and 10 on Twitter + 32 in my circle on Etsy. Now if all of you would join all of them, whever they follow me I would have a lot more followers every where!!!

At coffee morning I took in a lot of Picture Post magazines from 1938. Oh they were all in their element looking at the adverts and articles. Lots of " Do you rememeber those" "My Mother used to use that". So glad I bothered. These are all for sale on my Etsy site. Super to chop up and use for scrapbook, collage, funny cards, altered art and so on.


  1. if you request to follow me on twitter - i will be able to follow you- as not sure of your twitter link :)

  2. you have to go to my website to get my twitter link - ( I think that should work )


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