Friday, 5 August 2011

Now starring on Red Bubble

It was wet and miserable last Thursday, so my teddies and I had lots of fun playing with toys and posing for pictures.

If you like these they are now on Red Bubble and greetings cards are just £1.26 each. Lots more images to go on, the teddies got my vintage games out, they are just too cute!

Here's the link


  1. Thanx Cherry and I forgot the VAT on the cards, they are £1.51 each!!!

  2. Oh what adorable bears. I think they will look great on cards......
    Its so lovely to go back into a chid centered fantasy world and have fun......xx

  3. Yes it's really does you good to play! I got them their own tea set, from the cat's protection shop in Colchester.


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