Saturday, 4 June 2011

Birthday walk

Today I am a year older but , probably, no wiser!!! Such a lovely day i went out for a walk, 3 1/2 miles around the Suffolk / Essex border near my home. Took a couple of pictures of flowers, well weeds but they are pretty.

Then these next ones are of some poppies in the very early morning sun in my back garden. Just as I took them, all I've done is cropped.

Next one is just because I know we all love Molly, but some times she is such a stinker, she got into my bath, after me of course. Another of those fox poop days. Just look at the colour of the water, she loves a nice hot bath and just sits there being soaped and massaged.


  1. Lovely photos Joan - how nice a Birthday country walk xx Hope you continue to have a Great Day and Wonderful Creative Year ahead xx

  2. Hey cherry thanx. Its going to end well a friend is coming round with a bottle of wine :-))


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