Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Early morning photo's in the sun.

These are from a special place commemorating my friends daughter. The phot God shined on me as they are taken with my phone camera.

Essex Skipper on a geranium.

Thrift - Me and my shadows.

 Bee on Fred's Poppies

 Poppies on the Wire.

 There is Hay Here!!

Sunlight on the Wind Chimes.

If you want to use these images for art inspiration, please give me credit. But don't copy and print the photos. Thank you.


  1. What lovely photos, just love the way you have captured the shadows in your work. I would'nt have thought of that, but i will in future. Hope you are ok......x

  2. I am obsessed with shadows!!! Am doing good tnx. U?


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