Thursday, 13 January 2011

Swapping Stuff

I belong to a web art group and last year one member offered a swap of stuff. You know we all have lots hidden about our dwellings!!! 

First off I owe Trudy a big SORRY!!! My postie left her parcel in my shed and forgot to pop a note in my door to say she had done this. DOH its winter time, who goes in the garden shed, its raining freezing cold and I'm going to garden. Any way yep there the parcel sat for days and days. 

Good news is I got real excited when I realised who it was from. This is what I got..................

MILK???? No read on lol.

Just Knitting patterns??? No read on..............

OMG loads!!!!


Jewellery and beads.

Thank you Trudy. Now I got a hard task to find enough good stuff to send back.


  1. Yes I am itching to get on with some art and stop knitting!!!

  2. Just love your socks you certainly know how to knit.Love the old patterns. Glad to see that knitting is becoming fashionable again!!


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