Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Sock It to Me Baby!!!!

Ok so I am just going nuts on knitting socks. It must be all the cold weather!!! Plus I found a bargain from Germany, six balls of sock yarn, on auction just before Christmas day. Not a good deal for the seller but oh boy I did well!!

I've knitted the red/black and grey pair for my friend Ann, she deserves a treat and these will keep her nice and snug when she's out walking the dogs. So these took me 4 days of knitting whilst watching TV, or having a game of scrabble on facebook. 

Today I started on a brown pair, going to do these in a man's size, perhaps I'll sell them at the village fete later this year. Oh it will be summer then, I hope.

On the machine knitting front I have been experimenting with felting Shetland lambswool. It comes on huge cones and I have more than several cones. So I thought it would be nice to knit some snuggly felted blankets. They take a while as each one has 3,600 rows for the main part and another 4,000 or so for the border. And I have to join the strips of knitting. Phew, first one done today. Then chuck it in the washing machine and 30c quick wash, delicate setting. Its come out looking good, now it just has to dry. 


  1. you are very skilled - socks are beyond me !!!!!! blanket sounds amazing too !!!!

  2. love the socks. What a lot of work!

  3. :-)) thanks girls. I got orders!!!


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