Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Zoe in Birdland

Finally finished this!! Yippee, its been hanging round as other projects took preference.

Now I am onto the rest of my own Christmas makes................ pictures will have to wait till after Christmas, just in case any nosy friends spy their pressies!!!!!


  1. oh! i just love that wall hanging its so creative, well done Joan! can't wait to see your next years collection of great work.

  2. Wonderful Wall hanging - so sad we never met up because of the weather - look forward to seeing all your work when we meet up again :)

  3. Hi Linda 'n' Cherry I am really missing our creative meetings. They fire me up so much, because we all bring so many new ideas in.

    I am so glad you like this one. I baby sat this wee girl on Monday and am there for Christmas Day too.


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