Thursday, 2 December 2010

Well today has been a day of surprises. Saw a loose dog, a Basset Hound running past my house. So Molly and I wrapped up warm and went to catch him. I put him on the lead, after having to chase him round. Boy those dogs are really strong. He eventually managed to trip me up and I went splat into the verge. Lucky for me it was a nice soft landing on the snow.

Only thing I landed on my mobile and it made a dent in my thigh!!! So bruises 'R' Us here. I am thinking Molly might make a good camera girl so I can get the £250 from you've been framed.

I have been busy on the knitting machine again. Browns and red is for my friends son again. Next one Jade and Navy Fleck is for me and the others are just testing out patterns.

I finished my turquoise sweater and am wearing it today, lovely and warm it is too!!!

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