Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Father Christmas and the Vintage Fairy

Well the decorations have at last surfaced. Everything has a story!!! 

The Father Christmas was made for the first Christmas that I had my granddaughter living with me. 

The fairy dates from about 1956 when I was three!! Such a long time ago now.
She has the prettiest face ever, look at those cute dimples. 

Snowman, another 3ft tall stuffed and sewn decoration, is quite jealous as its his turn to hang in the window. They fight every year as to who will hang next to their darling fairy.

Fairy really needs a new dress as the one she has dates from 1969, when it was lace cuffs on my Mothers going away dress. That's the year she got married to my Step Father. More memories, as the dress was found carefully packed in tissue, when my Mother passed in 1985. I made the dress that Christmas. Sometimes you just have to have memories, its nice to think of loved ones.


  1. lovely little Christmas decoration story -Thank you xx

  2. Happy Christmas Cherry!! See you in the New Year.


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