Friday, 8 October 2010

Fighting Flu and Birds in Girls Stories

Its funy when you start on some art it just gets hold of you and you get a sort of compulsive addiction to it. This seems to have happened with these sewn pieces. I just can't stop producing them.

Even when I've got a stinker of a temperature, streaming nose and am generally dying with the flu. Every day I am stitching away, thinking how can I combine the next lot, what colours should I use, stitches, my head is just going round and round on this.

This lot are starring the mad birds, again drawn by Fi, in scenes from a 1950's girls story book. I love the madness of the patterned paper, the really starchy pictures and captions, then you do a double take and say, "What are those birds doing in there?" It sort of throws your mind, because really they just do not belong together, but they sort of go, if you know what I mean.

When looking through these books, it strikes me that we have come an awful long way in regard to our way of portraying some ethnic peoples and women. For the better, but all this change has happened in my lifetime. Views I accepted as a child I would not tolerate now. That means some of the images I have not used, although they do portray the period.

Any way enjoy the Mad Birds.


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