Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Yet more Art

I think I have Art diarrhoea, much more fun than the real thing.

From the top, I'm stuck on this one. Like colour like texture but its just too much of both. So it will have to sit and I will brew on it a while.

Copper Relics, close up and trio. These are a new thing I am trying using tinfoil, plastic hardware bits, silicone, acrylic paints and mediums, oh and BITUMEN. Gives a great effect, even better in real life. Looks just like aged copper.

Next one was done using hot press (smooth) watercolour paper and acrylic paints. The colours really pop out at you. Its called Summer Storm over the rape Fields.

Nearly there last one, Victory shields, done in the same manner as Copper relics. But used pieces from an old belt and wool yarn for the raised details.

And would you believe it I have more on the go! Seems having an art room and the garage for the messy stuff has got me unstuck on the art ideas.

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