Wednesday, 11 August 2010

My brain is full of art!!

So its happening my heating will soon be finished. Lets hope its going to work and keep me warm this winter!!!

Onto art lots going on. Two mini canvas with their own display easels, Summer Charms 1&2. They are very textured, in jewel bright colours. The little charms can be moved so you can play with your art, which is fun. Other bits are sealed under Golden Tar Gel. Great fun to do.

Then we have a canvas of Alphabet Spaghetti, my take on the tinned stuff.

Next is Summer Daisies, a very textured piece, using the seeds and tops from poppy seed pods. Also used butterfly yarn and crochet cotton, heavy texture gel and acrylic paints. All varnished with Uv gloop from Golden. I really like this one and hope to do some more.

I've been so busy with my art nothing else is getting done. I'm also animal sitting for my m8, 18 sheep, 4 chickens and a 17.3 hh Horse. Am a bit tired today, wonder why???


  1. My favourite is the Spaghetti painting - the mini charms one sound fun. You have been busy !!- email me at cherry@ so i can get your address for your free giveaway.

  2. OOHHH I am a lucky girl!!!!!!!11


Your comments are all read and appreciated. Hope you will forgive me if I miss commenting on your comment, I will be busy doing art :-) x Joan