Thursday, 12 August 2010

Golden Jewels - wonderful colours.

It's day three of this art works journey. Day one was putting on the texture and letting it dry. Day two was paint the colour, dry time, then bitumen.

Yesterday evening after the jobs on my friends small holding and the workmen had gone. I escaped to the garage and wiped most of the bitumen off. Looking this morning the colours were to washy so I went over agin with same three colours. Boy what a difference!!! Just wait till I get the Golden Tar Gel on top. These are going to really pop out at you.

Any way picture one bottom is the ingredients + Bitumen. The tiny bottles were samples so just enough for these wee 6x6 trio of canvases. Pictures 2-4 (counting upwards) Golden Jewels 1; 2; &3.

I am loving doing these small canvases, I can just have fun and play.


Your comments are all read and appreciated. Hope you will forgive me if I miss commenting on your comment, I will be busy doing art :-) x Joan