Thursday, 10 October 2013

Visit to a Silk Weavers and on my Workbench Today

Stephen Walters is a silk weaving company, quite near to me, in Sudbury, Suffolk, and I've never been before. So today I set out and raided their Factory Shop.

I went a bit quackers. These are colour samples and off cuts.
Some are for ties, some high couture fashion and some upholstery and curtain fabric weights.

Flowers, diamonds, plains and even silk camouflage.
These bags of patchwork fabrics weigh about 2kg.
Some pieces were small, some were a 1 metre or more.

Yet more super patterns. So many I have only shown you 10% 
They also sell the fabric by the metre. My Fab Cycle ladies are going to be buying some of the bags, bet they get a bit feisty over who has what!

On the workbench are Pointy Kitty and kitten, an order.  Cut out and waiting on yet more silk.

This Diva is an order for a customer, she's also on some silks. Partly stuffed, she's being finished tomorrow.

Wednesday was a bit of a dud day as Molly had a reoccurring tummy problem, so a vet visit. She was pretty crook all day, but is better now the medicine has started to work. I'm such a worry guts when she is ill.


  1. I am absolutely green... Didn't realize there was a factory shop!! Bugger!!! Good call Joan, I fell your work going in another new direction.. Designer 'Jumping Joan'. x

  2. Terrific buys

    love the Diva so far and can't wait to see it finished

    Chrissie x

  3. Great fabric!! Can't wait to see what great creations you come up with. Sorry to hear about Molly Hope Jumping Joan is ok...xx


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