Monday, 14 October 2013

Little Jumping Joan Vintage & Silk Needle Cases

Loved that silk so much I've been working on these this week.

All free motion machine embroidery, no cheating and drawing the writing first. LJJ is sketched first. The hand embroidery is vintage from a table cloth. The buttons are shirt collar studs.
Inside I have used some fine cotton night dress fabric, similar blue flowered, but wincyette  and a 1940's table cloth.

 No1 Threadneedle Street - 5 x 5 inches
 Pins & Needles  - 5 x 5 inches
 My Sewing Kit -4 x 5 inches
 Pins and Needles - 4 x 5 inches
 Pins and Needles - 4 x 5 inches

And then some internal and construction pictures.

 Oh bother blogger has turned these round as well!

Now more pictures that blogger won't let me post the correct way round, so annoying!

These can be personalized, Mum's Sewing Kit, Joans Sewing Kit, etc. Fabrics will be different as I only have small amounts of the vintage and samples of the silk. Method, style and quality will be the same. Prices on request.


Your comments are all read and appreciated. Hope you will forgive me if I miss commenting on your comment, I will be busy doing art :-) x Joan