Monday, 30 July 2012

Working on a Commission

Couple of weeks ago I had a phone call from a nice gentleman, who opened with "Don't hang up I'm not a weird sales call" He had got my number from the Community Book Shop in Chelmsford. I had just put some new work in there, that little shop is such a dream for me their customers seem to like my work.

Here's a hint of what I am working on for him, wife's birthday present. He sent me a list of her likes and it was quite a challenge to get reference to them all. I got in William Morris, London, beach hut, her shop name, children, Christian verse, Garden and love. He likes it so yippee I can go ahead and frame it.

Any one recognize the children?

It's been a grotty week health wise so getting my first commission right first time has cheered me up. And I've got a new follower, welcome Sarah. Have a look at her Blog, she's a great mixed media artist.


  1. Love this Joan, can't wait to see it finished. Hope your feeling a little brighter.. Love and hugs ~ Julie. xxx

    1. Hi Julie Thanks for your kind words, feeling slightly better this morning thank you. x J

  2. Oh Joan that lovely. You really deserve to get your work noticed more. Congratulations on your first commission.......xx

  3. Hi Lindy Loo hope you are OK? I loved working on this one. xxJ


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