Sunday, 8 July 2012

Musical Interludes and an Emergency

Lots of sheet music and song books for sale this week on Ebay

Beginning of the week I have had a stomach flu bug and was still feeling pretty rotten on Saturday. But the phone rang, it was my friend Jennifer "Help I've fallen off my horse".  Off I go into the car to find her in the middle of a field about a mile away from my house. I parked the car across the bridle path to keep her 17.2 hands Danish Warmblood in the field, he's called Monty and he's a bit of a spooky boy. Had to leave him loose as he would not lead past a scary object in the hedge. 

Found Jennifer and after a bit of argy bargy, then I got bossy as she obviously had concussion I wrestled the mobile from her pocket to call 999. It was a real job to direct the emergency services, as middle of a field, does not have a post code :-)

I then had to walk back up the lane to get the paramedic (1/2 mile) then walk back carrying some of his equipment another 1/2 mile. Then it took him 30 minutes to assess Jennifer and decide we needed an ambulance. Then had to hang round waiting for them to arrive. Then they decide they can not get Jennifer up the muddy track, so have to call the Air Ambulance out. At this point I had to move the horse, even in the middle of a field a crowd had gathered. My neighbours, Pam & Barry took Molly and my car home for me, thank you to them. I then walked Monty home, another mile.

Poor Peter Jennifers Husband had then seen the Air Ambulance go over, he did not even know she had gone riding. So by the time I got to him with a riderless horse,  he was in a bit of a state. 

He went off to see her go off in the ambulance. They just hopped her over a few hedges in the Air Ambulance. Apparently it was a muddy field and all the emergency people and their vehicles got plastered in mud from the helicopter down draft. I missed that bit.

Today she is much better, still concussed, and got whiplash and a sore bum. Today Peter has cooked me a big roast beef dinner, with apple pie for afters as a thank you.

Good job I was unwell and had not gone out to my usual auction!

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  1. wow, what a tale! good thing you were around, sorry you were under the weather but good thing for your friend!


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